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The Frog Princess

Made whole by the King of Kings

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Elphaba (n.)- God's daughter; princess; Jesus freak; Christian; YOFer; writer; novelist; poet; short story writer; essayist; inventor of weird puns; soon-to-be columnist; queen of talk; voracious reader; Jane Austen fan; Jostein Gaarder fan; fan of authors that are too many to mention; teenager; university student; Communications major; Blue Eagle; Aussie (refer to entry entitle Celebrating Strine); proud Brisbanite and Queenslander; Weet bix fan; happy little vegemite; Home and Away-ophile; Lions fan (Aussie rules); Broncos fan (NRL); Missy Higgins fan; Norah Jones fan; air ciellist; air violinist; Rage viewer; the number one star of Shower Records; British music fan; reality TV freak; ice cream-aholic; chocoholic; anglophone; soon-to-be francophone; Europe fan; anglophile; self-proclaimed gourmet; one of the few Filipinos who doesn't like rice that much; Mediterranian food lover; salad-a-holic; daughter; friend; student; girl

(v.)- loves God; loves making her characters Caucasian; loves using English/ European names;thinks about making a modern adaptation of Pride And Prejudice; couldn't decide which idea for a novel to put into writing first; talks a lot; always has a story to share; owns a motor mouth; wishes she read Narnia as a child; once thought she was Sara Crewe; almost attempted to own the name Elizbeth Bennet;t just turned 18; dreams of winning a Bafta for best director; can't use a camera...yet; will write movies; doesn't understand why maths must be a part of her uni's core curriculum; doesn't use the word "Sheila" a lot; loves the City Cat; thinks Sydney Airport is pretty; always cheers for the Maroons in State of Origin; likes shows on the Seven network (for some apparent reason!); has the Home and Away theme song stuck in her head claimed Brisbanites, the Home and Away theme song, and Weet-bix on claim_an_aussie (so now I can claim more!); thinks her bookbag is a piano; loves songs with strings; sings everywhere; thinks her bathroom is a concert hall; asks herself how come Queenslanders are always runners-up in Australian Idol (but not for long); thinks Peter and Tayissa should have won in My Restaurant Rules; has an enormous sweet tooth; got rid of her allergies to chocolate through eating the stuff secretly; currently craves for gummy worms; thinks supper isn't supper without dessert; once thought she was British; speaks with a British accent when nobody's around; sometimes lets said accent slip when with people; loves to copy accents; can't do Irish or Scottish english; does the New Zealand accent weirdly; recognised the variation of English at 9; spells like the British; uses British words; actually knows more stuff about the western world than the Philippines; loves the taste and smell of basil; sometimes has garlic breath; loves mushrooms; hates onions; hates capsicum; shows her true self; doesn't try to be someone she's not

She's everything she is because He loves her.

Hypothesis (n.)- an educated guess that leads to statement of facts. Exaples of facts are the ff:

god rocks
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brisbane rocks
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australian stuff rocks
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sweets rock
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les miserables rocks
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